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Dingにより編集済み: 7/1/2022 11:52:39 AM

Please offer bad luck protection for pinnacles

Going on 1 month just needing a helmet for my Titan. It's trivial to me in the grand scheme, I'm Grandmaster ready regardless, but I stray away from playing my Titan because all the drops will be under cap. This season is going on week 7, should it take 7 weeks to prepare to participate in a season that only lasts twice as long? I have many friends who are end gamers, long time fans of this franchise, yet they will not be running GM's with me because they aren't allowed to. They don't have the time this season to pray to RNG that the pinnacles will be worth their time. Point in case, I've done almost everything possible to get my Titan capped out and all that drops are arms. I have enough arms to infuse my entire vault, yet no helmet. Reward the players that stick with the game. If I'm capped out after Witch Queen, it should not take 80 hours to enjoy the following season I payed for.



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