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7/1/2022 11:38:36 PM

21+ PS4/PS5 clan that gets into a bit of everything (Raids, Dungeons, GM's, Crucible, Gambit, etc)

[b]Guests are welcome in the Discord so if you are looking to expand your social circles, just let me know. Reply below or message directly.[/b] [u]About Us:[/u] - Highly social group. We are always discussing builds, strategies and weapon rolls. TV/Movies, other games. random banter. - Members team up for activities because they want to, not because we have to. - Mid-size clan that has been around for 7 years with an active member count that normally hovers around 60. - Hybrid of both American and European time zones. - We use Discord for all of our text communication. - We don't have power hungry admins with egos, we have "Housekeepers" who keep the place organized and moving. [u]You:[/u] - Participates in crucible or end game pve (Raids, GM's) - Social and interactive. Not looking for solo players - Friendly and respectful, with a healthy sense of humor.



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