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KiloOscarZuluにより編集済み: 6/16/2022 12:53:09 PM

Bug: Zavala takes my Glimmer but does not give me a Repeatable bounty

Every so often, when I buy a repeatable bounty from Zavala, he will take my Glimmer but won't give me the bounty and I end up losing 3000 Glimmer. This has been going on for 2 year or more ? Back when we started to get seasons in D2. The above is a video of it happening from a year ago. It still happens. It happens even when I use the App. I've lost thousands and thousands of glimmer from this bug, probably 100s of thousands. If the bounties were cheap, it may not be an issue, but when they are 3000 each and when they happen so often, it is extremely annoying. Please look into this. I can give you the dates it has happened to me (I have kept a log) and how much each time had cost me in Glimmer.



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