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6/15/2022 6:52:50 PM

Future Warlock 3.0 additions

Bungie, this season you launched Solar 3.0, for many players this initial rework seemed underwhelming and more like a nerf to the previous 2.0 system. You have made some strides to make Solar more appealing but it still has yet to address some of the larger issues for at least Solar 3.0 in warlocks, like the game play lacking a ground option for different play styles or higher end content. I acknowledge that you will most likely nerf starfire protocol and sunbracers as they are the most commonly used exotics for Solar as of this time; this may bring them in line with Phoenix protocol, and Prometheus Spurs but ultimately starve a class of more end game builds. In the spirit of finding a solution I have a few ideas that might help warlocks find balance in the new system. First you might consider returning song of flame radiance to the players. After observing the power of sunbracers I feel that Radiance can return and remain viable in the current meta with a few adjustments. One for the sake of yours and probably 3/4 of the player base’s sanity I understand why fireborn radiance most likely cannot return. Instead I recommend returning Song of Flame radiance, this version of radiance is at the crossroads of support and individual utility, the main adjustment required would be the ability recharge rate if you compounded Fireborns recharge and Heart of Praxis Fire’s recharge rate you should be able to get viable play from it; I also recommend the casting of radiance makes all allies radiant in an x-radius just for good measure. Secondly, I would like to float the idea for a new aspect I call Praxis Protocol Manual. This aspect would adjust the super options to increase their utility; most likely this aspect would only have slots for 1-2 fragments. For daybreak I recommend it returns super charge for kills to bring daybreak back in line with its 2.0 power. For well of radiance it could create a turret of healing projectiles that target teammates outside of the well for the sake of wells identity it could also apply radiant to those it reaches. If you return radiance to the game I’d recommend this fragment add the effect of radiant skin (ie. Damage reduction, if that’s not stealing from voids identity too much, caster only) it could also release a healing burst in the same radius it applies radiant when casted. Next, I recommend some changes to exotics to mix some things up. First off, if Vesper Radius could apply to Phoenix dive it would make a world of difference. Phoenix Protocol, Sanguine Alchemy, or Boots of the Assembler could make the Suggested turret added to well faster and more consistent with firing its projectiles (this could also apply to Lumina and Edge of Intent). Lunafaction Boots could reload stowed weapons while in well of radiance or using radiance (I know that it kinda used to do that but send it some love). Apotheosis Veil should just be permitted to stack with song of flame. Dawn Chorus could increase the amount of super returned for kills. Ultimately, I know that you’ve been trying but this season has been just short of being a fiasco. I ask for continued transparency and a better explanation of airborne effectiveness if it is working. Are there plans or were there plans to ever return some form of Radiance. The story so far is good and I applaud you for all the hard work thus far. Please answer and I’m routing on you and everyone at bungie to continue your hard work in managing your brilliant game.



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