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6/4/2022 4:04:03 PM

Why this season’s reward structure seems to be designed around wasting as much of the player’s time as possible and how I would fix it.

Nightmare containment is nothing groundbreaking or exciting at surface level but then you realise that you’re effectively punished for playing it from tier 1. There are basically no rewards for finishing tier 1 and 2 while everything is locked behind a tier 3 completion. This just means that if you’re not re-matchmaking for a tier 3, you’re going to waste your time because it’s just mindlessly killing ads for 10 minutes until the boss. Getting weapons to become craftable is the name of the game here and it is not remotely enjoyable as we have to endure rng stacking from hoping for an opulent key and then praying for a deepsight from said opulent chest. Even if you get the upgrade to focus umbrals for deepsights, you HAVE to finish a tier 3 for umbral energy which calls back to the containment issues. The dungeon has become laughable to me as it is literally an armor simulator. Getting deepsights is hilariously difficult due to the oversaturated armor pool in the normal dungeon which means hours or days even are required to farm. Here is how I would fix these glaring problems: - offer better rewards in tier 1 and tier 2 containment to incentivise actually participating in it. - OR allow use to repeat tier 3 back to back once we’ve reached it. - opulent chests need a much higher deepsight chance - once all dungeon armor is unlocked for that class in the legend difficulty version, only weapons should drop after. Master should have both weapons and artifice armor. - allow umbral energy to be acquired from everything. Offer more in containment and sever. - decrease cost of specific umbral focusing



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