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Destiny 2

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5/19/2022 9:30:39 PM

Please add replayable missions and cutscenes to all campaigns!

Since the launch of The Witch Queen, I've replayed the campaign multiple times to fill in the gap between content drops, and just when I'm bored on my computer. It's really fun to play through a story in Destiny. It would be awesome if the missions from Beyond Light and Shadowkeep were replayable like The Witch Queen's are. Additionally, replayable cutscenes would be a nice addition to the Witch Queen and older campaign missions that had cutscenes. So much work was spent on them, and a lot of them are really awesome. It's also cool to see your own guardian interacting with the world and story. So, it's a bummer we only get to see all of them once (or three times if you're juggling characters). Adding both replayable missions and cutscenes would be incredible for a lot of PvE or story fans and keep us occupied during short content droughts.



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