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5/14/2022 3:48:34 AM

Front Towards Enemy | PvE/PvP | Weekly Raids and GMs | Open Join

DISCLAIMER: Am currently deployed, but will return very soon. Clan is Open to join, the only requirement is that you aren't an a-hole and 21+. We welcome anyone who wants to join although we are a military based clan, so having more military members, or even first responders and LEOs would be nice. Before deployment in my old clan I would host Raids weekly, every weekend. I would also host on reset if I had time. Would also host GMs, Trials, and any other content anyone was interested in playing or needed help in. I'm usually always available to play unless I otherwise specify in the discord. Joining would mean a lot, as for we would love for this community to grow to more than just a Destiny 2 clan. Anyone who joins is free to join our discord, or even so, If you are Military or LEO (current or even retired) you are free to come into the discord. Clan members from any game will receive the FTE Community role. Anyone else will be part of The Company. If I see it fit and you are an active participant in helping and growing the community, you will be recommended to a moderator position after the current mods and command team consult.
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