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FlaminSargeにより編集済み: 3/4/2022 7:06:03 AM

Missing Upgrade Modules after Patch/Maintenance

On Mar 3rd, 2022 some time between 6-7AM PST, I logged onto Destiny 2 on Stadia, and got a message that maintenance would soon remove players from activities. I logged off at the time, and then logged on again at about 10PM PST the same day, on Steam. At this point, all of my Upgrade Modules were missing, of which I had 11 before logging off on Stadia. Has anybody else had this occur? Is there any way to regain those Upgrade Modules? They're not showing up on the Destiny 2 Companion app/DIM/etc. either, so I think they've just vanished, potentially related to the maintenance or to logging onto Stadia. Note that I do not own any DLC on Stadia, only on Steam. (I've since bought 11 more Upgrade Modules and I'm hoping those don't disappear too).



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