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Queer Cavaliers is welcoming new members! [LGBT+, ALL PLATFORMS, ANY SKILL LEVEL!]

[b]QCav is a clan primarily for LGBT+ individuals![/b] It was created to be a comfortable and safe place for queer and GNC people. It was founded and is run by transfolk, so we are accepting of all queer identities. Including those with xenogenders and neopronouns. We welcome everyone; whether you’re queer or an ally, whether you’re new to Destiny 2 or a D1 veteran.. No skill level or deep knowledge of the game is required! [b]All we seek is connection![/b] You are invited to join us as long as you show compassion, understanding and a willingness to raise up your fellow guardians! We are casual players with access to endgame content, we host raids every other week but we’re pretty spontaneous! If you just want a group of chill people to play with, it’s probably safe to say we fit that description. [b]Our clan is not for those looking for a serious and hardcore play style,[/b] but merely for those wishing to make some friends and feel welcomed. The gaming community as a whole has many faults, but Destiny has always felt like it was a game for everyone. However, despite how vast and diverse it is, it can sometimes be tricky to find a place for yourself in this community. Most, if not ALL of us LGBT+ folk have experienced some kind of uncomfortable situation while playing, and it’s deterring… [i]but us in QCav want to change that.[/i] [b]Instead of filtering through several clans until one sticks, we’re here and we’re openly queer! If you are too, then consider joining us![/b] Check out our [url=]Discord[/url] and [url=]Clan page![/url]



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