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1/27/2022 8:00:28 PM

LGBTQIA + Inclusive Clan - All Welcome

Hello, guardians! We are Omnia Vanitas! We're an LGBTQIA+ inclusive and accepting clan hoping to find active Destiny 2 players (18+) to meet and play with. We strive to provide a safe, fun, and non-judgmental environment. We are made up of experienced Raiders, PVE and PVP players, collectors and completionists who all play semi-regularly to religiously. The things that bind us together are our values based on mutual respect and acceptance, shared experiences and struggles, and (of course) our passion for Destiny! We would love to have new members who consistently play and are looking for a chill environment where they feel comfortable being themselves. Please message us or apply with the link below if you are searching for a relaxed and friendly clan to work on seasonal titles, exotic quests, raid completions, visiting the Lighthouse (or even just chill in the now rewarding Trials playlist), or just want some people to hang out with! We would be happy to welcome you into our community! Almost all of our communication occurs via discord so joining our server after being accepted into the clan is highly recommended. [Omnia Vanitas]( ​ Please DM us through Bungie if you have any questions, or email us @ If you request please check your inbox for a follow up.



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