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1/27/2022 10:51:31 AM

Adepts look cool but are underwhelming-ish.

I have recently started trying to go for the conqueror title this season with some friends and we have completed a number of GM nightfalls with some, let's say, incredible perseverance. I have amassed a few adept weapons at this point and a handful of adept mods. None of the adept weapons introduced have really jazzed me until the hothead was introduced with a beautiful adept skin and in general, cool design. (Fun fact: a non-adept hothead with the testudo shader from S13 looks VERY similar to the adept version.) The week previous to the current it and the Hung Jury were dropping from the corrupted strike. This was by far the most difficult strike I had attempted to this point. It took MANY attempts to beat this strike but we did get one completion once we gave up going for platinum. We did end up with 2/3 of us getting adept weapons however they were both not very desirable as far as perks go. It is somewhat frustrating to go through as much trouble as a GM nightfalls is and then get a rocket with Quickdraw, Adren. Junkie on it. With the difficulty of some of these strikes I think it's a little silly Quickdraw is included on one of the most difficult weapons to obtain in the game in the first place. The work to reward ratio is simply too much for me to even attempt to farm for adepts when I can get essentially worthless perks on a weapon. I think that adepts should be much more curated and more able to be intentionally sought after. I think the easiest solution to this problem is to simply remove more undesirable perks from the perk pool of the base weapon. For example if the hothead has 6 possible perks in each column on the base version, the adept version should keep the three most desirable perks in each column and cut the three most undesirable perks. This limits choice in what to go for but makes sure the reward at the end of one of the most brutal activities in the game isn't just 4 legendary and copious amounts of upgrade mats.



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