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Wanderer Kaëlにより編集済み: 1/18/2022 3:13:46 AM

Master Lost Sectors are unrewarding...

Bungie Dev Team, Getting 5k glimmer 5 times in a row for completing Master Lost Sectors isn't fun at all. Exotic drop rate is way too low, given the fact that we must first get the exotic we want AND hunt for certain stats. If Glass Needles won't ever be implemented in D2, farming for good stats exotics SOLO needs to be more rewarding, because right now, the time investment required does not match the desired outcome. Sincerely, Myself and those from the community who agree. [b]Edit[/b] A few ideas to help improve this issue come to mind: -Implement a sort of Lost Sector activity streak (like vanguard playlist) that increases your drop chance for playing them back to back -Increase drop rate for flawless completions



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