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[PC] [NA] [18+] FingerGuns is recruiting new active members - come get ready for Witch Queen with us! We are a laidback group of Destiny veterans looking to recruit new active members. We mainly focus on endgame PVE content with Day 1 raid/dungeon teams, weekly raids, GMs, a sherpa team, and lots of other resources to help you out, whether you are newer to the game or a veteran who just wants to get stuff done. - Discord participation with a working mic is a must - you can always find us hanging out in VCs, it's how we communicate in game and get to know each other. - Mainly PC, but have a few console players as well. - 18+ is mandatory - Most of us are in EST, but have some in CST, PST, and GMT. [b]DM me on or Vague#2639 on discord if you are interested! Requests to join the clan without a DM first will not be approved.[/b]



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