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Zer0Warri0rにより編集済み: 1/14/2022 4:00:38 PM

How is this anything like what we "asked" for?

Bungie we asked you to give all exotics catalysts so we could generate orbs with ALL of our weapons. Your response to this is to add mods that limit what weapons can generate orbs based off damage type? If well mods -blam!- you on weapon element type and now orb gen does the same; I think we need to bring back primary weapons with element types like D1Y1 and give us the option to make any weapon any element we want like D2Y1. Honestly this is just as bad as the transmog system we ask for something simple and you create a mountain out of it. All you needed to do was maybe lower the threshhold where any weapon with a masterwork lvl of 1 or higher can generate orbs. Someone else suggested adding mods to the ghost but I think it should go further. The mod on the ghost should be 0 energy cost and just let ALL weapon multikills generate orbs. Anything less is a nerf to every weapon in the game. It has to be 0 energy cost bc total random armor stats suck donkey nuts every single drop and I have to have as much of an exp bonus as I can get just to be able to unlock master VoG AGAIN and do GM NFs. The other not great but compromising option is to add mods for orb gen AND let masterwork weapons generate orbs.



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