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A1CBeersにより編集済み: 1/19/2022 2:13:42 PM

The amount of Dares of Eternity runs is ridiculous

Sorry, not sorry. The grind to get the Forerunner catalyst is just beyond stupid. Dares is a cool activity....until you're forced to do it 100 times to get everything. I'm beyond bored of it because of how much Bungie thinks we should have to do it. This is the same logic why nobody wants to get that Ascendancy ornament from Gambit. It takes waaaaaay too long in an activity that very few people enjoy. While Dares is not on the same level of awful as Gambit, you grow to hate an activity after having done it much more than you ever would have liked to. Why though? I'm not even getting 30th Anniversary gear from it most of the time. I seriously get the same world drops that I would get from doing literally anything else in the game for most of the rewards. What's worse is I feel like I basically have to do the Dares runs now because I'm not entirely sure, but see it highly likely, that the reputation for Xur will reset on February 22nd, just like how everything else resets (Infamy, Valor, Glory, Vanguard, etc.). TLDR; Bungie, please adjust the progression for Xur. More rep per completion of Dares. I don't know anyone who wants to do it this much. It's mind numbing and terrible. [b][u]Edit[/u][/b]: for those of you saying we have an entire year, have you thought that through fully? I see it as highly likely the ranks reset each season just like Valor, Infamy, Vanguard, etc. All the runs I've done so far to work towards the catalyst could potentially be rendered irrelevant on February 22nd if I don't manage to get it done before then.



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