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1/16/2022 7:14:27 PM

The Orb Situation - Can we really not have it both ways?

If you spend half a second on these forums, you know exactly how unpopular this orb change is. The need to sacrifice one of the very valuable helmet mods in order to get a partial return to something that we’ve had in the game for years is going to kill off much of the Charged with Light functionality that has defined much of the PvE endgame and PvP build crafting. Additionally, this change is really going to hurt the masterworking process of legendary weapons. Perhaps less for PvP weapons where something like 4 additional range is enough of an advantage to justify the cost, certainly PvE weapons will lose most of the functionality in their masterworks. If I get my kill tracker with some glimmer, legendary shards and around 3 enhancement cores, why would I spend 10+ more on something like 4 additional handling? If orb generation is removed, there is simply not enough of a reason to do so. Thinking over all of this only leads me to one simple question: can the two systems [i]really[/i] not coexist? One of the main reasons Bungie listed for modifying this system is the need to use specific weapons to generate orbs for weapon crafting, and some players will simply not have the materials to keep up with the amount of masterworking required. This, to me, is a good justification to the mod system; even as someone who has over 1000 enhancement cores, I don’t want to have to go out of my way to masterwork underwhelming rolls as a stepping stone to the loot I actually want. If I had less materials, this would be even more of a problem. Thus, I can just grab whatever the first roll of the gun I need is, slap on a mod and be on my way generating orbs, no materials required. But, then when I do eventually get the loot I’m crafting, why not allow me to then spend the required materials to masterwork it and give it orb generation in lieu of needing the mod? Since I am likely not farming orbs for weapon crafting in raids or GM Nightfalls, I don’t mind modifying my armor builds to incorporate the mods. But, then when I do get loot I want to take into harder content, orb generation through masterworking incentivizes me to spend those materials in order to create more powerful weapons, and enable me to swap back to my traditional mod builds and be at max power where it is necessary. To me, this just seems like a more complete system. The crafting system doesn’t require hundreds of materials to make the most of, and you’re able to then spend those materials making powerful gear that is actually worth the cost. The best part is that the implementation of it all seems [i]so[/i] easy; one part of it has been a working mechanic for years, and the other is likely already fully developed. There should be no problems with time when making sure that both systems work and have no adverse effects if accidentally paired together, and would definitely help alleviate a lot of player frustration heading into what otherwise looks like one of the best expansions we’ve had.



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