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Spoiler Alert - Someone is going to die, but who?

Figured I’d ask the forums what we all think about this? Personal takes are as follows Savathun -A bit too obvious, we all know she likely has to die to acquire her light/ghost, but I feel in this case, the lore tab is referencing something more permanent… Mara - A fun theory, but ultimately she has an unresolved plot line with Riven, and a throne world of her own, so I reckon she’s safe. Crow - Nah, you don’t spend this long setting up a redemption arc to kill him off, plus Hunter Vanguard has his name on it. Petra - Maybe? I’m not sure what else she has left to contribute to the story, might set up the path for the return of Sjur Eido (Actually, interesting thought, what if Sjur is the raid boss somehow? Seem to remember she had a prophetic dream about Mara and Uldren stood atop one of the Pyramid ships and she mentions, "I was dead, I think. Or...trapped? Like in a maze. But pretty close to figuring my way out.") Osiris - This is who my money’s on, I don’t think he’s dead …yet. I think Savathun will genuinely keep her word and return him to us/Saint, they’ll be a heartfelt reunion followed right by some good old fashioned tragedy. Eris - I mean, we’ve seen her in the trailer, but it could be a red herring, I’m not sure what else she has to contribute to the story at this point. Mithrax/Caitel/Zavala - All safe, I think they’re just being put on the back burner for a bit. And lastly, Us? (As in the player character) - This ones a bit of a spin foil hat theory but it’s not quite been revealed how we’re gonna end up in Savathun’s throne world, perhaps the whole “hunt the truth” is us slowly piecing together that we died during the end of season finale, maybe we are indeed a product of her mind (as she has stated everything is in her throne world) but we can maintain our individuality and find a way to resurrect ourselves? Alternatively maybe she steals the player characters light killing them, thus scoring a two for one in having light of her own and removing her biggest threat, and the “us” in the throne world is a part of us she took accidentally with the light.
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