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1/16/2022 4:22:40 AM

I sincerely want to thank Bungie. From a fellow guardian who's light has dimmed...

Hello. I just want to say "Thank You" to Bungie. And I will apologize in advance if this post is too long so I'll be as brief as I can. You see, I just have to say something as I am in need of some encouragement right now. Truthfully, I've been staring at my computer screen on this forum. Simply trying to get the courage to write this. So here goes... My gamer tag is; CombatPanther. I play on the Xbox platform and have met quite a few of you over the years. Both myself and my younger brother; gamer tag, ArmedZero have enjoyed both playing and being active participants in Bungie's world's ever since the very 1st Halo. You see, he lives on the east-coast while I moved out west over 20 years ago. And yes, I would be considered by most to be an "O.G." gamer as I'm in my mid-fifties. My brother is just a few years younger than me. And we have always been close. Being able to be together, even in a video game chat room playing a "game" that we both's powerful! Sometimes we used to get so "amped" playing crucible sometimes, it's just like he's sitting here in my living room with me! This is why I have to thank Bungie and this community both. Sincerely. My brother and I have encountered many, many great people here! We're both Day 1, D1 players and proud of it. It has simply been a gift. However my brother has not been gaming in a quite a while. You see, unfortunately he has had to endure with some major health challenges these past couple of years. And today....I just learned that he has to have part of his lower-leg amputated due to his diabetes. He's also currently on dialysis. So to say that today has been "difficult" is an understatement. I have been trying to use as much strength as humanly possible to try to process this reality. While at the same time being strong for him. Please know, neither myself or my brother Armed are asking anyone, for anything, other than your prayers and encouragement. Heck, my brother doesn't even know I'm writing this. It is something I just felt I "had" to do. You know?... It's the only thing I "can" do.... Right now, I cant help but feel just by typing out these words a small way, is helping me try to deal with this earth-shattering news. In closing, Thank You to anyone who happens to read this post. I feel a little better just getting this off my chest. My brother is a very private person. This is very personal. My brother loves this game. I became a Titan main because of him. He is the strongest Titan I know... God bless you all. Cheers, C.P.



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