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1/15/2022 7:59:17 AM

Iron Banner has PATHETIC post match loot drops.

With how large the loot pool is for IB and how frustrating an experience it is completing the bounties for many players, on top of the fact it only comes around once a month, at the very least you should be throwing us a freaking bone with post match rewards. I would trade tokens for guaranteed post match drops after every game win or lose. Seriously, it takes a minimum of 4 wins to guarantee 1 piece of gear and up to 7 losses for the same via tokens. I think my record for going without a single post match drop is like 10 games. This is DEMORALIZING and imo is incredibly unhealthy for the playlist as a casual pvper like myself doesn't feel like my time spent in IB is worth it as I could be grinding PUBLIC EVENTS for more loot via umbrals. If IB was some super casual pvp mode that was always around, it would make sense for the loot to be somewhat rare, but as it is a limited time event with power enabled and sbmm (at least in freelance), it should drown us in loot. I remember back in D1 I pretty much NEVER played pvp as it frustrates me (still does), but I always made a point to play IB a little bit because I knew at worst after playing for an hour or 2 I was likely to come away with like 4-6 pieces of loot + whatever I got from rank up rewards and what I might buy from the vendor. That's the IB experience I remember and the IB experience I miss.



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