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BrujaMalvadaにより編集済み: 11/27/2021 4:21:25 AM

Bogus messages and bogus teleporting

- In Hollowed Lair, the Fanatic goes into his 'death speech' when he's still very much alive and likely to stay that way unless you keep hammering him. No big deal in a regular strike, but seriously annoying in a GMNF where it can fool players into thinking they're done. Silly bug. This is new this season, BTW. - In Gambit, Drifter tells you the Invader is gone when he's not yet. Silly bug. Also new this season. - Bogus enemy teleporting seems to have increased lately. Also random disconnects; weasel, bee, etc. Seems like they hosed up the networking again somehow. Nothing has changed at my end. - Far too many scripted audio messages (e.g. from Zavala when a strike starts) play twice. Lots of things (text as well as audio) show up twice. Another new bug as of this season.



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