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10/5/2021 5:57:30 PM

Chill Adult Clan Looking 2 Expand [Xbox] [Chill Group] [Sense of Humor]

We will jump right into this so as to not waste your time, (in hopes you wont waste ours) we are a small but dedicated group of friends that have been playing together since dinosaurs roamed the planet. Myself, I am a prop designer who often streams Destiny gameplay with my buds while another camera is broadcasting my 3D printer or catching me in the post processing phase as I get ready to ship new things to people. The idea for 2old2stream came up when a friend of mine suggested that I stream my 3D printing and some of my gameplay and my response was that I was too old for that. The skills are not as sharp as they used to be. I don't make montages of 360 no scope between the legs and over the shoulder snipes. I do however still have fun with Destiny and love the story more and more with each new season. I also find some streamers to be truly entertaining. So really the main idea here was to connect to other designers and have some additional fun while I was at it. The issue we have run into is that while we love playing the game, we have run into a brick wall where we are forced to play with randoms while trying end game content. NO FUN! So after talking with my comrades we decided to look for other like-minded people out there who are looking for a place to meet new friends and call home. We don't have a long list of thing we expect you to do. Simply put, if you are interested in joining - hit us up or seek us out. See if you vibe with our vibe. But here are some things you should know as my buds have said if we were a product we would come with a warning label: - Raids: While we have done several we are far from knowing what to do it all of them. Looking for that clan? We are not it. - We have a sense of humor that comes from decades of knowing each other and working in our respective fields. This could take some getting used to, but if you can roll with it you'll soon find yourself right in there with us. - No elitism whatsoever, no stupid questions, we're all there to help each other. - I am streaming almost all the time. I bring your audio into that stream. My mindful of what you say. I'm vulger, but who isn't these days? - We are business professionals which means we have the means to spend money on stupid things. I only bring this up as in the past someone's wife blamed ME for their husbands ridiculous spending. Oh I am a bad influence, but I will not be held responsible for your lack of control. So who's up to buy that crazy deluxe edition of The Witch Queen? LOL!



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