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9/26/2021 8:45:59 PM

PC - EU | Trigger Legion (TL) | Reforming in Season 15

Hello there guardians! [b] Trigger Legion[/b] (NSFW) is a clan that has been formed in Destiny 2 since its launch on PC, and we are now once more looking for members to join our ranks for the new season (and onward)! Are you interested in joining a more "free" enviroment full of memes and dark humour? Look no further! We at TL hope we can bring as many clanmates as possible into events so all can participate in content, even raids and nightfalls! To join: Apply to our clan: Join our Discord and read the rules & information: (Make sure your Discord name is the same as your in-game name!) [b]1 Month of inactivity will result in a kick[/b] You will be promoted to [b]Member[/b] in the clan when you also are on our Discord.



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