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9/11/2021 6:17:12 PM

Why aren't major game retailers offering the Witch Queen pre-orders in the UK?

As an Xbox player, I'd like to go all in, even after launch, of the deluxe bundle that includes the 30th Anniversary content. However it's a hefty cost all in one. The ability to use the buy now pay later facility that I have access to in Paypal is a godsend for things like this but because the expansion is only available on the Microsoft store, which has to have a PayPal account and payment method already allocated before purchase. It's just not available. If anyone at Bungie reads this. I think the upgrade pathways you're making available are very short sighted and restrictive. As it stands, as long as the only pathway to Witch Queen is via the Microsoft Store for Xbox, I won't be buying the expansion. Before any excuses start flowing forth, Game stores in the UK still sell upgrade cards for Forsaken, Shadowkeep & Beyond Light. So logisitically it's entirely possible.



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