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Persian により編集済み: 8/29/2021 6:46:45 PM

Vault & Inventory Space

I Agree For More Inventory Space


I Don't Agree For More Inventory Space


Current Inventory Space Is Enough


Hi , i think every guardian problem in d2 is inventory And Vault Space space beside ( terrible anti champion mods for this season ) we have really low Vault space for storing our weapons , gears and ... current Vault is really low ( 500 items at maximum ) and dont even think about new guns and armor sets in current season or later we need more Vault space so we can keep more guns more gear sets and different armor sets with different gears stats and 500 is not really enough and i dont want to dismantle some good item or god rolls , we need more Vault & inventory space . vote everyone ! ( sorry for my terrible english )



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