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5/20/2021 3:27:30 PM

[XBOX][18+][EU] Destiny’s Season of the Splicer is HERE! PHG is accepting new members once again!

About PHG: [quote] Are you looking for other guardians to form a fireteam for specific activities? Are you looking to make friends and run some casual events? Tired of wasting effort on LFG and having teammates leave halfway through an activity? [/quote] Come join our clan today. We have 10 branches that make up PHG meaning we have room for 1000 guardians, making it easier to group up and meet long-term friends! PHG uses the Discord app for communication in our XBOX ONLY clan, meaning easier communication and LFG with people you can talk to in real time. Our discord is a community for like-minded adults (18+) who want to share in the massive universe of Destiny. Our community rules are simple and geared toward mutual respect. We are a community for guardians and friends alike. To get an invite to our clan, join our discord server: For more detailed information about our clan, visit [b][XBOX ONLY][18+ ONLY][/b] Season of the Splicer is here! The Vex have plunged the Last City into an endless night, threatening the safety once found beneath the watchful presence of the Traveler. With the new Overrride activity we need all the Guardians we can get to hack the Vex Network, Uncover their secrets, steal their code, and user their power against them! If you’re interested in making friends and grouping up in D2, join our discord now to get a clan invite! [b]Requirements: [/b][u]Be 18+ with a mic and join our discord. That’s it![/u] [i][b][XBOX Only][/b][/i] Earn weekly clan engrams, complete bounties, and meet guardians interested in the same activities as you. All skill levels are welcome! In addition to looking for teammates and talking to friends, you can also create pre-planned events to schedule activities that other members can sign up for. Our discord server uses the popular Charlemagne bot for event creation and sign up. PHG also has a number of sherpas and new-light friendly guardians who help guide new or inexperience players through tough activities. PHG also features clan wide events (think Whisper of the Worm/Outbreak Perfected/) as well as PvP and PvE competitions. Earn vanity roles based on your in-game achievement and show off your progress in the discord server! If you’ve been part of a dead clan or “elitist” clan with insane membership requirements (or general pretentiousness) then join PHG and enjoy some Europa and Chill this fall. We remain active and are always replenishing our ranks to make sure you have people to group up with. Eyes up Guardian.



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