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6/28/2021 6:17:51 PM

Expunge: Corrupted Styx - Spawning BEHIND closed barrier after killing boss, but dying in the attempt

I have a recording showing my character (EZTarget/Titan) stuck behind a closed barrier (the one with the multiple spinning white lasers) AFTER killing the end boss in Expunge: Corrupted Styx quest (happened to the be 3rd of 3 times needed to get pinnacle award, which I COULDN'T do since I couldn't get to the chest!) I SUPER slammed into it, and ended up falling below it before floor closed and then it spawned me behind the closed laser barrier. >.< I tried dying multiple times to see if it would correct the issue but it continued to put me in the same place (back around the corner, at the next to last spot before you need to jump in long hallway, landing in front of the first of the three laser barriers leading to the boss room) How can I upload video for you to see what I'm describing? (I did a word search in HELP Forums but nothing like my issue appeared) Thank you for a great game and a lot of fun!! Dave "EZTarget" Petrie



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