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THE KING ETERNALにより編集済み: 6/5/2021 11:44:15 PM

Behemoth Titan changes

So I’ll start by saying after the first 2 weeks of stasis coming out I stop playing it in pvp. Just getting that out there before all the oh look a stasis user comments come. Anyway so I decided to hop on behemoth Titan after the nerf just to see what everyone was complaining about and I must say it felt like it was overkill compared to shadebinder and revanant. It feels useless and at this point I’m convinced Bungie just does the most extreme things to nerf subclasses and appease the complainers. The nerf to the freezing effects are fine but overall the subclass feels lackluster. I’m all about balance and you mean to tell me you guys couldn’t properly figure out how to make stasis balanced? To all the people thinking just remove stasis from pvp, well Bungie isn’t doing it so the best they could do is properly balance it like the others. The synergy of the subclass and the midgame potential is gone.



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