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6/4/2021 1:29:14 AM

Titan Stasis Changes Feedback

As for some feedback on the new changes, the Cryoclasm slide feels nice, but it could use a little more visible of an indicator to know when the slide is available. On Europa, the streaks only seemed to blend in with the background, so it was a little tough. As for the shiver strike melee, when I use it, it doesn't feel like a "powerful dash attack" when my movement produced from it is almost the same as my sprinting speed. I have more of an incentive to use my Howl of the Storm melee ability over the shiver strike as it just seems more useful overall now that the movement from the shiver strike is gone. Even in the glacial quake super, it seems better to use the HoS melee than use the shiver strike melee. I'm not at all saying this was an unnecessary change, stasis did need these changes, it's just that this change made the subclass's signature ability that was unique for it's insane movement feel a little less useful.



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