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5/28/2021 3:40:18 AM

The future of Titan Slides, and why I'd rather see a distance nerf than a change to how it works

Hello! I really didn't wanna bother the devs at all but the recent cryoclasm change hurt me personally and physically. One of the main things I liked about stasis was the movement added to the titan subclass, and how the ceiling was a fun chase for me to master and master per map. With the current slide, I can pretty much be viable against dawnblade movement on any challenge, and that was reassuring and powerful. It made behemoth a beast for movement that made all other titan subclasses just feel sluggish and slow. Asking for bungie to change it back would be immature, but I will miss it dearly from now on and it brings movement back to dawnblade being the top dog again. Will titan ever feel the same for me? probably not and I'll probably avoid playing from now on due to mourning the huge movement gap that I had crossed on my favourite punchy class. I know most of the community thinks movement should not be such a huge thing, but coming from titanfall and quake, I absolutely adore skill ceilings that require me to master movement in general like that. (I personally really enjoyed that you guys just made scorched be quake in destiny, huge props for that one) Its what I chase for in games, ways to move more consistently and in an enjoyable way, melee jump cancel on relics in this game for example, sword skating, and the list goes on. Sliding was such a core thing of behemoth that I just don't see 1.25 seconds allowing me to move the same way I did, and it pretty much makes me go back to the basics while warlocks had their icarus dash untouched for years and years, and their skill ceiling with how bouncing off of surfaces only increases with time and practice, I get that behemoth was busted, but did you really have to neuter the movement that i grew to love during these past 6 months? I appreciate that you made stasis freeze less obnoxious in the crucible in general, going away with freezes that stunlock you twice outside of supers is a great change and I'm all for it, hell, I don't even mind nerfing behemoth in its entirety, but if you're gonna touch my movement you're gonna lose a player. That's all. Make Titan movement fun on other subclasses with a exotic and maybe i'll feel less and less sad about this change. I thank that you guys at least heard the community cries, and I hope i'm not the only one that felt so offended by the cryoclasm changes. I hope this doesn't hurt PVE, because you guys say it doesn't, and then warlocks have their melee killed on pve as well for half a year.howl of the storm shatter spamming was something i relied upon a lot on hard content and I hope that still works well on super. I guess its time to get all the recordings I had of me sliding around and learning slide dashing and throw it all out. or make a tribute for what it was before next week.



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