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5/23/2021 10:29:58 PM

High Society is Recruiting | Xbox

Welcome to High Society! If you’re looking for that one clan that is highly PvP oriented but also does PvE (Raids, Nightfalls, etc) then this is the clan for you. As our motto states “ We Leave No Soldier Behind”. Have you ever joined a clan just to talk to Hawthorne more than your own clan mates? Not here. Here in High Society; we work together to help you accomplish your goals. Wether that is needing help with Trials of Osiris, completing a Raid, or just doing a Nightfall. At the same time, we understand the needs of our clan mates, (Work, Outside Life, Family. Etc) Game-life balance is just as important to us as work-life balance. To be part of High Society, there are some requirements. Or else it wouldn’t be a High Society… Age: 18+ Language: English Time zone: EST (This is ours) Player Type: Friendly, Mature, Competitive, Active, Microphone Needed, Console: Xbox Don’t be part of High Society, become High Society! Join Here | Xbox



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