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5/23/2021 1:40:37 PM

The Tranarchists, a trans led, queer inclusive clan

[i]Who needs dysphoria when you got style?[/i] Howdy Howdy. Looking for a clan that's not only queer friendly, but is also led by queer folk? Looking for other players who won't call you every slur from A to Z? Want to do stuff like raids without fear of people being chasery or rude to you over your gender (or lack there of)? Look no further (or do if you want idk) than The Tranarchists. This clan is dedicated to providing a safe space for trans and queer destiny players, with a zero tolerance policy on bigotry amongst members. Join to meet other queer destiny fans, talk about how your life is going, or simply get team members you can be sure won't call you various slurs! The fact that the last point is even a selling point speaks volumes on the gaming community! JOIN TODAY!* *Approval required, just to make sure no harassers get in. If I miss your application spam me until I fix it or something idk Primary focus is on pve, though if there is interest we may start running pvp stuff too. We currently have a mix of EU and American members, but so long as you can put up with potential lag any regions are welcome. While you don't have to be queer to join, be aware this is a queer-focused clan so you'll be sticking out like a straight cis dude at a lesbian bar. As mentioned there is a zero tolerance policy on bigotry of any kind, so, uh, don't do that, k? With all that out of the way, welcome!



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