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5/20/2021 2:23:46 PM

[Xbox] [US] Simulation Theory is recruiting, Endgame Pve, Raiding, and PvP clan

We are Simulation Theory, we are an Endgame PvE, PvP and raiding clan. We strive to recruit experienced players to fill our ranks to make destiny a really enjoyable time for your skilled adult gamer. Our requirements are: -50 full raid clears with at least 10 full clears on every raid currently available. Or -1.4 K/D in the survival or trials playlist -Age requirement of 20+ -Discord, must have and use it as we do all our communication on there -Good hearted person Those are our requirements now heres what we offer to those who join -A steadily active playerbase to do activities with -A Grandmaster Sherpa experience if needed -Competetant, Skilled, and fun raiders who strive to have fun, smash times, and get raids done quickly so you aren't stuck there all day long -Clan based challenges, races, tournaments, gaurdian fashion contests, and other activities to keep things fun and ongoing within the clan, sometimes even for prizes. If you're interested go ahead and apply here: We do use Destiny tracker/Raid report when screening applicants



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