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5/17/2021 12:09:31 AM

Eternal Void Warriors need you!

Eternal Void Warrior is a EU Based clan. [Ger/Eng] We welcome people all over the world, requirements? Just speak english, and be nice. What are our plans? - Weekly Raids, Where we help new lights with their quests, and teach them how to do the raid. - We help you with the Quests or Missions you have. - We also have a discord, were we can talk, write and plan some activitys together. You also can ask questions if you need to know something. The only requirement is that you have to speak English. The goal is to bring together nice and awesome people, to have fun and play together. You are welcome to our family. Both PvE and PvP Players are very welcome, to help each other, grow strong together and do all sorts of activitys together If you are Interested, comment down below



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