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5/15/2021 7:09:11 PM

[Pvp/Endgame] ŁΘRDS ΦF ΞΧIŁΕ

ŁΘRDS ΦF ΞΧIŁΕ is a growing Xbox clan We are composed of both “PvP” and PvE experienced players who would love to have veteran and beginners join. We preferably do PvP but we still do PvE content overall. We also have a discord sever and our preferred time zone is EST Things to note 1...ŁΦΞ is trying to be a Endgame PvP community. 2... ŁΘRDS ΦF ΞΧIŁΕ is a PvP clan but we still do “PvE” because that’s what shaxx would want . 3... We are looking for members not numbers so don’t join if ur not gonna be active yourself & play with other (their are exceptions) 4... Don’t expect people to hit you up for moves. you as a member need to take make that initiative. (most of us know how to grind the game on our own). 5... Just because you don’t play PvP doesn’t mean we won’t accept you so still request if your interested. How to join 1..Like this post and send a request OR 2..comment and wait for an invite Request to our #Destiny2 clan! If you have any questions plz DM me. We don’t take L’s we hand them out



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