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PSN 18+ clan Thē Błāćkłīšt

The Błāćkłīšt is Playstation only clan for everyone who doesn't fit in the "all inclusive, kumbaya clans." The ones that only care about their numbers and not about individual members. The Błāćkłīšt members are all about having fun and it's what makes us so awesome. We give each other shit and we joke around. We have a team of amazing sherpas that are willing to not just carry you through the raids but make sure you understand the raid mechanics. Our top players can easily get DSC done in 25-30 min but our priority is to have FUN to joke around and to enjoy each others company. So it doesn't matter if you’re a bad ass raider, a PVP God, that weird guy that likes gambit or just a new player that wants to learn it all. As long your IQ is higher then a Potato and you’re not a sensitive delicate flower you will fit in and we promise you will have fun. All we ask is that you’re 1.Be 18+ 2.Be respectful to everyone (we joke around but no racists comments etc...) 3.Join our discord and register with Charlemagne! 4.Must be PlayStation (sorry no crossplay YET! Lol) 5.Be active with the clan and have a headset. 6.Be light level 1280+ (just to have you ready for vault of glass) So if you’re tired of big clans that make all the glamorous promises and then let you get lost in the crowd or you’re outside of set cliques and groups please message any of our Admins for an invite! Siberra Will-of-crota63 Z_BlackAdder_Z Kitten_ii Bartbadass



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