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Charlieにより編集済み: 4/14/2021 9:09:16 PM

Howl of the Storm bugged

(I found another with the same issue) Edit: It seems to do with Toggle vs Hold Sprint. It needs to get fixed asap. It's been like this ever since the season started. The Howl of the Storm melee does not work for me. If I spring, slide and melee right after, it's just a normal punch. I can see the melee symbol bottom left change for the duration of the slide but nothing happens. I was troubleshooting it with a titan friend and I could see it work very clearly on his stream and in game both. If I punch an enemy during the slide it expends the charge but otherwise is a normal punch. I tried switching my melee binding from F to C with no results. This has been happening ever since the Aspect first came out, at the time I thought it was just due to low settings as I didn't know how it was supposed to look like.



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