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4/6/2021 10:37:08 AM

Titans need a serious neutral game pve buff

I realize there are bigger fish to fry in destiny right now (i.e. champions being in way too many parts of the game, shitty chuck-e-cheese look vendors, and an awful lack of core Playlist specific weapons) but this is my biggest issue right now. Most titan subclass game play loops revolve around melee. Besides melee being almost completely unviable in high tier content (specifically juggernaut) im honestly baffled on how titans have less melee potential than hunters and warlocks especially. The main cause being titan melee abilities such as defensive strike and frontal assault (the regular melee animation abilities) do no more damage than a regular melee. Mortar blast being the worst as I do believe it does less impact damage to be made up with the dot burn effect. Yet we have warlocks out here with celestial fire doing what we do but from better range and more damage. The same could be said about hunter weighted and explosive knives. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong about these values. I'm also of the opinion that defensive strike should give you a much bigger overshield than the warlock healing grenade, seeing as you have to get up close and personal. As of right now the gameplay loop surrounding defensive strike sucks because it revolves around you getting kills while the shield is active, but since its so weak in anything above adept nightfall it gets broken almost immediately ending the loop before it even started. At least top tree sentinel has bubble and some amount of melee usability as d-strike has saved me more than a few times. Striker on the other hand isn't so lucky. I believe juggernaut striker is the prime example of why titan charged melees need to do extra damage Juggernauts are completely dependent on melee and melee only. On top of charged melees not doing enough damage to one shot the most basic and weak enemy types in higher tier strikes, Knockout only procs on a critical wounding of an enemy and sometimes the bonus melee damage granted is STILL NOT ENOUGH TO FINISH THE JOB. For sunbreakers the top tree needs a buff in general as its really outdated when it comes to game play. Bottom tree however is not nearly as adversely affected by the melee problem as all the other subclasses. It really only needs an initial melee damage increase along with a mild dot burn damage increase. Tldr: titan charged melees need a damage increase and some trees need a small rework to accommodate This was extremely long winded but as a titan main I had to air my grievances. Its really not fun being out punched by a warlock



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