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Auto rifles are in a dire need for a pve buff

Just farmed a few gms to get a pretty good shadow price adept and oh boy does this gun suck. Like seriously I go into patrol and my ikelos smg feels like a special weapon in comparison... all auto archetype have been swept under the rug in pve for far too long and I feel like they could really use some love. Some major points to consider: - Damage is too low for all activities. If I’m taking a good few bullets to kill a patrol ad, there is a problem. I feel like all archetypes could go for a possible 20% buff to precision damage with a small bump for body. - 450s and 720s should be looked at the most for damage as they are disappointing in most activities especially shadow price which as an adept weapon sure does not enough damage in gms. Side note: - Most pulses should be tuned also as they under perform in some activities, specifically the fastest and slowest: 450 lightweights, 540s and 340s. This is all pve focused just FYI. I believe this needs to happen as sidearms and smgs have dominated pve for far to long HOWEVER, they should not nerf them as they are in a good place, just autos and pulses are under performing.



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