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3/9/2021 7:52:45 PM

Add a dedicated Charged Melee button!

We've all had it happen: You want to throw your Smoke Bomb for a quick getaway, but instead, you stab the charging Minotaur, bringing you closer to the very thing you're trying to escape. You then die. You want to use your Celestial Fire at just the right time to activate Sunbracers and rain solar doom on a legion of enemies... but there's a Vandal in front of you. You reflexively go to smack him out of your way, but instead of a simple palm strike, you blast him with point blank fireballs, wasting your melee charge. That horde Acolytes are in perfect position. You calculate the trajectory, and if you chuck your Throwing Hammer from this angle, it'll bounce just right and score an amazing TRIPLE BONK before hitting the ground. Or not, because you just turned 45 degrees to punch the Thrall that was barely on screen. You are denied the bonk. You are sad. SOLUTION: A dedicated "Charged Melee" button! Our controls are already highly customizable, what's one more binding? My suggestion is that by default, it would be tied to RB/R1 on controller (as it is now), with RS/R3 becoming a "normal melee" button (stab/punch/palm, regardless of enemy placement or if your melee is charged). If a finish-able enemy is in range, you would instead perform a finisher as normal. This would allow you to use things like Knife Trick or Penumbral Blast at point-blank, or to melee like a normal person as a Behemoth, rather than accidentally rocketing over the horizon.



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