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3/1/2021 6:22:23 AM

Grenades and Punches on Hunters are weak.

I feel like I might as well be throwing sand at the opposing team and a baby could punch harder than that. The grenades only kill if all of the projectiles hit the same player. If they split up then you only do a little damage to a few players but don’t kill anyone. The damage a grenade projectile should do should be dependent on how many enemy guardians are near it. The more guardians there are the more damage the projectiles do. After all aren’t grenades suppose to take out many enemies? Then there are the punches. Why is it that it takes me 3 punches to kill a guardian but it only takes them 1 punch to kill me even if I am at full health? I think the punch meter should be an indicator of how powerful your punch will be. A full meter equals a powerful one hit kill punch, half equals a 2 hit kill punch and near empty equals a baby punch that barely scratches them.



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