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2/26/2021 2:05:00 PM

So, when are the proper stasis nerfs coming?

The changes we have coming are great and all, but they do not address the worst part imo. Why is it that even now, with shadebinder being by far the least played in my experience (almost never ever see them) and by far the weakest, they are still the only class with ~1 sec freeze? Yes i know coldsnap grenade also has ~1 sec freeze, but thats not the point. The warlock melee (and maybe super, i dont remember) have ~1 sec freeze, while behemoth and revenant melees and supers have ~4 sec freeze iirc. This is not even close to balanced. They need to all be the same, preferably even lower than 1 sec. Slows are also very strong, i believe it needs some tuning. You cant have everything be slowed and for so long with that one fragment, especially when revenant have their slowing melee's. Now for some more specific changes i believe should happen. I hope with the coming nerfs that double melee from revenant will no longer freeze, as well as melee bakris. This is just stupidly strong, tossing a melee then dodging and you are frozen for ~4 sec. If shatterdive is to still be like it is too, it needs to have some sort of delay from being able to throw a nade and using shatterdive. Behemoth can sort of do the same with a glacier nade and slide, but the delay is so long that as a hunter i would have been way more successful in getting those shatter kills. I dont think this combo should be there for either class, but if it is to stay, please bring shatterdive back in line. As for behemoth, the melee is very inconsistent. Often it will just go straight through the enemy, and sometimes it will hit them and knock them into a wall at mach 10, instantly killing them. I dont know if the latter is intended, i dont believe it is. That needs to not happen, and it needs to be consistent. This applies to the super too. I have many times gone straight through someone with the super melee several times, leading to my death. Same thing happens to the normal melee, but its not up as often. The changes coming to behemoth are very good, and i think those combined with the ones i've listed here are good, and we might have some balance between the stasis subclasses, though shadebinder might need some very slight buffs if it is to be on par with behemoth and revenant.



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