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1/31/2021 9:40:57 AM

Weeb Art - Makima and Denji from Chainsaw Man

Makima A Public Safety Devil Hunter. She basically picks up a homeless kid as a pet and takes care of it, having him kill devils for her in exchange. Apparently she's also got a good sense of smell, and a lot of dogs. It seems she's a dog person... [If I type anymore about her I'll either cringe at my explanations or spoil something...] [spoiler]had this been a doodle I'd just put a small blip relating to the drawing and be over with it...[/spoiler] -- If you're wondering why it's so white, that's cause I used the scan tool on the Notes app. I ruined the paper on Denji's face so badly I had to go onto an online MS Paint and copy/paste the actual nose on there then fix the mouth. Once I was done I used spray paint to make the white look more like paper. It may not look so great now, but it did when I didn't begin my 1 hour erasing spree. The authors art style btw, very nice. It gets the wrinkles of clothes and face expressions pretty well while keeping it kinna simple, though cluttery. Idk, I'm not a arty person with a wide vocabulary. Makima was easier to do let's just say. The clothes wrinkles I kind of followed but also tried my own random strokes. Jeans suck to draw as much as they are to wear [spoiler]y'all's should really read Chainsaw Man. This author likes to keep things interesting. Characters die Also yay another post[/spoiler] This was made on 1/28/21



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