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Sumsus-Duoにより編集済み: 1/7/2021 8:47:20 AM

Weeb Art (Doodle Edition) - Cool Trench Scene from 1917

*sounds of whistles and mutiny* -- Basically a quick doodle I did before an art club meeting. Took me an hour to do, right after school (very last minute) AND right after doing another doodle as well. (Didn't think it was that good enough for posting) So my hand was in pain and my mind was fried... ;-; Of course my objective here wasn't faces (and eyes are overrated) and more on the shading esthetic. I got into that after the Death Korps of Krieg Infantry man I drew... or copied idk define it how you will. I didn't trace. And All Might eye-shadowing a easier then actual peckers I kinna like the right explosion cause it looks pretty decent on camera.. I think. Left one is a bit messy but that's dirt, so... Meh. The clouds tho, that was rubbing light blotches in the paper and erasing some lines into it. Not bad, if I say so myself. Could never get the yelling guy right without that dumb look. Though I think it's cause I pressed too hard... or wait, no that might just be the actors face.... •_•; The trench slopes were semi hard to visualize but I got the hang of it. Just draw a shadow and erase some sides of the legs! [spoiler]It's been a while since I posted one of these Why? ...manga... or manhwa, choose your pick. Also I couldn't think of drawing anything... I got ideas but they are just that. Ideas. And that's how they die. Also I spend more time on the OofTopic MC discord and post this stuff there first. But I still love this place [/spoiler] [spoiler]oh yeah, I finished a few more drawings and I'll post those like, in the following days.[/spoiler] This was made 10/30/20



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