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1/8/2021 7:31:16 AM

Weeb Art (Weebless Edition) - Death Korps of Krieg Officer from WH40k

*sounds of city bombardment, 3 years after the city surrendered* -- So, not as good as the first one I feel like something is either too short or too long, torso or pants, idk... But scr#w that, that's swords a bich to draw Hand guard has so many curves it's more decorative than for combat. Probably uses an entrenchment tool to bludgeon, pierce, or hack at his enemies. The helmet was also a pain cause it's frickin adorned with stuff. And the hinge looking things. Oof, I gave up on perfection for that one. Just ignore those. The boots... maybe those were too tall.... fudge now it bugs me... To think I chose this one cause I thought it'd be simple... ;-; Anyways, yeah this took about a month to actually do work on, in total maybe a few days. [spoiler]okay Yknow when I said I had stuff saved up? Yeah no... just wip's 🤷🏻‍♂️ [/spoiler] This was made on 11/18/20



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