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12/22/2020 8:36:00 PM

I can't be the only one that wants a full on melee build in Destiny... Right?

I'm sick and tiered of all of these half melee builds, like one two punch build are fun and all but I became a titan back in d1 with the hope of just punching everything no guns required. And while you can argue the sword build are melee (they are), they still need heavy ammo and to be honest it's not fun to do an entire gambit match and get ZERO heavy because RNG. Besides, I can't sword guardians in crucible untill heavy spawns. If ya'll (Bungie) are worried about balance just separate the effects of a sword into two parts A primary shield that that grants the ability to guard and charge and a secondary sword that has the light and heavy attacks. This forces you to devote yourself to a full melee build with no range options (note: having both a sword and shield would and should combine them into one weapon slot to use together). Earlier I mentioned a charged, this would be a new effect that shields will have that allow for a way to close the gap. It basically is a high speed lunge in a straight path that knocks back enemies you run into... you know like, a charge. This ability uses a new charge energy that takes the place of you grenade input, similar to how sword energy takes the slot of your melee energy. But I'm just a dumb titan, what do i know about melee and game design...



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