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Show BOSS DPS after successful runs!

Currently I don’t know a way of showing damage numbers off a successful clear? Can we see the numbers from a successful clear please? If anyone knows a way? Peace!! **EDIT ** Looking at the total storm of toxicity I decided to make this edit. The post has NOTHING to do with “ego” “superior” or the want to “boot” another player from an activity. Just a fun way of learning and testing weapons and combos. How are players getting “booted” if on a successful clear? Anyway....... I have tested A LOT after my first taniks clear and continue to learn and do so. I’ve tried wardcliff, two tailed fox , a lot of snipers and even regular fusions rifles (that aren’t bad with no lunifaction well for the warlock!) slug shotty strat is only really great with a Luna rift making the crits hit around 50-60 k with lout range drop off. The testing continues so please be mature and respectful of opinions and different options! Peaaaaace!!!



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