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12/7/2020 4:48:22 AM

Titan Stasis rework

Well at this point we have hopefully all played and tried each of the stasis classes on each character. Personally I like the feel to all of them except for titan stasis which feels underpowered and mostly useless like a lot of things titans get but thats getting to topics not on the chopping block right now. As is with Behemoth right now in the game it is a mobility super which should be red flag 1 being that does anyone know titans for there mobility? I feel I don't need to answer that because the answer is obvious. Going into more mechanical problems the melee is finicky and annoying to use at best. It's tracking is a mess most of the time and feels bad to use which chains over into the super which has the same melee but with extended range but doesn't fix the problems with it at base. As for the other part of the super being the heavy ground slam even more irrelevant garbage so what I send 6 ice spikes out of the ground whoopty friggin doo. I'm not trying to sh*t on other people's ideas but Bungie you could have done so much with Titan stasis but it feels like titans were left to freeze while hunters and warlocks got a nice spot next to the fireplace this year while titans are left outside on the corner of the sidewalk freezing. But as is with the rambles I make a lot I'd rather come up with ideas to fix the problems rather than say whats wrong and do nothing about it. But the problems with Behemoth that I have can't be fixed by simply buffing the class my thoughts have gone more towards a complete rework of Behemoth to such a degree that it isn't even Behemoth anymore like what happened with Warlock self-res from D1 to D2 (R.I.P. self-res) and well my idea is for a complete replacement of Behemoth with what I like to call Beserker where instead of a singular fist covered in ice instead Titans summon two axes dual wielding them as for the melee would do something with it's charging system that no other melee in destiny does in reguards to the fact that the melee is more like the mini hammer from middle tree sunbreaker but has two effects that are determined by your melee charge if you have a full melee charge when using your melee you would throw one of the axes from your super that if it hits a enemy that enemy gets a stack of 2 to 4 slow that will gradually build up into a freeze. As for the other part of the melee if used with around 50 percent of melee charge (or at least under 100 percent) the effect of the hammer would change so that it would have a less powerful effect of the warlocks stasis shockwave that shatters all nearby frozen targets. Going back to the super with the qay it works is I would like for there to be chainable melee and heavy like with most other melee super/sword but also would have the ability to throw the axes like with the melee that can generate a field of stasis crystals where ever the first melee lands as for the field would only be as big as the duskfield grenade for balance reasons as for the second would be able shatter targets and stasis crystals at range. As for the aspects because those aren't getting off easy either the fragment slots that they give need no changes as for the effects those are what I would change as for the first killing/shattering frozen targets will restore your melee ability to allow for chaning melee axe throws. As for the second will have effects that go onto the titan barricade like how both hunters and warlock have aspects that effect their class ability so too woild titans being that the barricade when active would send a field of freezing stasis energy out in front of it somewhat like the guardian killstreak in call of duty to give a representation of how it would operate as for what happens if you enter this field you would gradually build up slow stacks until frozen now when it comes to the new Icefall Mantle exotice gauntlets those could chain with the effect but instead of the field coming from the barricade cus that no longer exists it is generated from the titan and becomes a mobile freezing feild that doesn't have a whole lot of range but freezes targets faster to sway shot gunners from trying to get up close and personal as for the feild itself it would only go in the direction the titan is facing so flanking them is a better option given the slow and no jump effect that the Icefall Mantle gives titans when useing them. Now I know that was a lot to read and probably has tons of grammar errors but if you read through all of that I would like to thank you for your time and patience in reguards to reading it. I know it's very nitpicky at times and rambly at others but I just want to express my concerns and problems because I like stasis and want to use it but hate how stasis titan turned out and would love for Bungie to hear my idea and maybe consider it. Thanks for you time and have a great day/evening/night for ehenever your reading this



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