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11/24/2020 11:40:10 AM

2 Casual Players [PC] seeking a Casual Clan [We are Age 25+ NA and EU]

Hello! We are casual players due to real life responsibilities so we can't play as much as we'd like and also we like to play other games as well Eg. Final Fantasy XIV. I'm in EU and the other player is in NA so we need a clan that would be happy to have us both. We use Discord everyday as it's our main source of communication for pretty much all of our gaming and just hanging out! We just really need more people to play with as its always just been the 2 of us. [Soloing isn't exactly fun and games either!] Also hoping to make some new friends along the way! There will be days where we won't be on Destiny 2 and I hope that will be okay because I am aware that there are clans out there that don't agree with it. It's completely understandable. Neither of us enjoy the PvP side of Destiny but we are wanting to do everything else in the game!. Thank you to all who take time out to read this.



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