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[Xbox] DCG Recruiting Open joining

Dredgens of Chaos Gaming Chill crowd, definitely some foul language, all walks of life welcome to join just looking to get a group of ppl together to play and earn rewards. No requirements, except if you’re under 18 be mature, and BE ACTIVE! No one wants to see someone getting stuff from everyone else’s work. Willing to teach anyone how to play or how to get what they’re after, and play all game modes. Weekly clan engrams will be available and will do and teach the Raids and learn ourselves along the way. No discord, will be using the app at least for now for communicating and setting up groups to do things together. When/if cross play becomes available we will expand into those platforms. If you choose to join from another platform I’ll give admin privileges so you can recruit for it as well. We hope to see you soon!! Check out our #Destiny2 clan!



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