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itsabadbananaにより編集済み: 11/21/2020 10:37:02 PM

(Beyond Light) Perspective of a returning player after a busy time in life

Now to start this off I’m not really one to go find a place to complain or post about things but I’m genuinely feeling this is my best option to reach someone that might be able to help by actually reading this and understanding. I love the game and the franchise and have played since the release of destiny 1 (on ps3) Now I’m returning after about a year and a half maybe more of starting a business and going through school. I was very excited to get back into the destiny universe especially when I heard that the sought after loot will be brought back into the activities. An amazing choice. Again I have loved the experience so far but I have a pretty major issue that I can’t stop thinking about. All the things that have become missable.. I know this has been discussed but I want to give my 2 cents. I see bungie discussed fixing the imbalance of weapons that are very popular right now yet unobtainable. That’s makes me very happy and a step in the right direction. Ok here’s my broken down list: 1. I’m hoping that whisper of the worm (I’m a lore geek and this is a must have now that I’m caught up)/the thousand wings and outbreak prime are reintroduced. Especially the thousand wings. It’s the best ship in the game guys :( 2. Seasonal ornaments! - I have searched all over the internet with no mention of seasonal ornaments returning. I understand they are seasonal but so are many other things that are returning and people have had their time with exclusivity. In particular phenotype plasticity is literally one of the best looking armors ever made in destiny and used by a lot of guardians. It’s a rough reminder of what I missed. I want my titan to have wings too!! Maybe bring it back as a farmable armor set. 3. Last but not least Solstice - now I know that solstice is something that isn’t even probably on the table but if no one says it then how do things get done. I propose that during the season of solstice you can choose to go for past years armor sets. It would still be an advantage to those that get all of them. If other people (aka people like me) feel that the horns and such from 2020 are more worth it then we should have a shot at making our solstice special in that way. I’m so upset about missing the horns but I won’t even go into that. In original destiny I got to play all the amazing content when I returned to the game and that’s what made me spend more time and money. For me and maybe people like me this update just feels like season of the people that missed out... This isn’t all but the most important to me for sure. All I’m really saying is that everything should be obtainable at some point in a game like this. A year of exclusion is enough for cosmetics. My rant is done and i really do love the game so I'm grateful I get to play it. I’m also sure most got these things and don’t care. I’m just sad really aha.



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